Reopening 2021: Welcome back to the office.

Risk Paradigm Group strives to provide the best professional and safest experience for our employees and clients.  As we experienced this spring, the way in which we advise and work with clients and colleagues may have changed, but the focus remains the same.  Our firm and community is resilient and as we approach year-end, we have established a track record of excellence working with our clients through the toughest and strangest of times.  This further strengthens the relationships and in-turn our firm.

For the past eight weeks, the Reopen task force has combed through data and input ranging from the state of Massachusetts, the CDC, Piedmont (our land lord), and the town of Burlington.  We’ve received input from trusted medical professionals and have adopted best practices from reopened institutions that have experienced success and failure. Recommendations from all at RPg have provided invaluable feedback that has helped shape how RPg will re-enter our work space and continue to deliver exceptional service to our employees and clients.

The result is a set of health and safety protocols and considerations that provide the foundation for our operating plans when we all return to the office some time in April, 2021.  The Task Force also developed two alternate plans should health mandates change as a result of COVID-19, and RPg is prepared to transition quickly and effectively to those plans if necessary.

The following information and plans are based upon the latest guidelines.  As more details become available, RPg will provide updates and more information.

Table of Contents

I.    Health and Safety Protocols

II.    Reopening Spring 2021 Plan

RPg is planning to reopen our office space in early April

III.    Plan B – Hybrid Opening Model

If mandated, RPg will reduce the number of individuals in the office and deliver our outstanding service both in-person and remotely.

IV.    Plan C – Remote Working Model

Health & Safety

Based upon the current environment and recommendations, RPg will operate following the protocols and considerations listed below to ensure health and safety of our personnel and their families when in the office.  Protocols may change to reflect updated State guidelines and requirements as we approach the opening date.

Daily Health Screenings

Face Masks as Recommended

Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitation

Physical Distancing Practices 

Reconfigured Office Layouts

Frequent Sanitation and Limited Sharing of Equipment

Modified Schedules and Routines

Office Arrival and Departure Schedules 

Frequent Cleaning Throughout the Office

The Plan: Spring 2021 Return to the Office

In-Person Work Environment

RPg looks forward to welcoming everyone back to the office in the April 2021 time frame.  Coupled with the health and safety protocols, our ability to utilize our office to help our clients Plan Well. Invest Well. And Live Well will be fully operational, safe and will allow us to best deliver our unique value proposition come April 2021. Until then, should you choose to go into the office remember the office is officially closed and not being disinfected nor kept “COVID ready”. Also, please notify Ellen if you will be going to the office with any regularity so she can notify building management.

Plan B: Hybrid Opening Model

Should the State mandate a reduced population in the office, RPg is prepared for and will transition to a hybrid schedule for the required duration.

A portion of employees will be in the office

Schedules will alternate by the day or by the week to allow for maximum time in the office while adhering to health and safety protocols.  Schedule details will be evaluated and communicated in future communications.

Service will be delivered in person, and through our remote access platform

As we’ve seen from the start of the Pandemic and subsequent quarantine, RPg’s remote access capabilities allowed for uninterrupted service to our clients and advisors.

Plan C: Remote Access

In the event of a State-mandated quarantine, RPg will transition to the same remote access environment we’ve been working on since the beginning of the current pandemic and early quarantine.  We will follow Plan C for the required duration.

Office will be closed and services will be delivered remotely

Robust technology infrastructure is in place at RPg, our custodians, our respective planning and reporting software.  We will re-enter the environment we are currently working in effectively.


Welcome Back!