our mission

As trusted family wealth advisors, we are dedicated to helping our clients “plan well, invest well and live well.” As stewards of your wealth and your financial advocate, we are committed to the fiduciary standard and dedicated to serving you and all of our clients with the utmost integrity, transparency and excellence in all we do.

ceo welcome

Letter from Our CEO

As CEO of Risk Paradigm Group, I would like to welcome you to RPg Family Wealth Advisory. I’m proud to lead a firm that offers clients the high caliber advice and financial acumen that helps them enjoy fuller lives and more secure futures.

At RPg Family Wealth Advisory, our firm’s mission is to enable our clients to Plan Well, Invest Well and Live Well. Through a thoughtful and comprehensive advisory approach, our goal is to help clients and their loved ones achieve those goals they hold dear and pass on unique legacies of values, integrity and wealth for generations to come.

My colleagues and I recognize the changing dynamics in our industry and have built RPg Family Wealth Advisory with the needs of our clients and advisors in mind. While clients are demanding more independence and transparency in their relationship with advisors, advisors are seeking independent platforms to better serve their clients’ needs. Given this construct, we are an independent firm and a true fiduciary for our clients. What this means to you is that our values are aligned with yours.

Converging client values with our own beliefs, resources and expertise, we are motivated first and foremost by our clients’ best interests. At RPg Family Wealth Advisory, our goal is to understand fully you and your unique needs so that we can develop the financial strategies that will enrich your life and create the legacy you envision.

Working with RPg Family Wealth Advisory is unique and memorable; on behalf of our entire firm, I invite you to learn more about us.


David Gatti, CEO
Risk Paradigm Group

our team

RPg Wealth Family Advisory is a team with a broad scope of talents working together to assist you and your family navigate the future. The members of our diverse and dedicated cadre of advisors and investment managers complement each other in terms of skill, experience and professional focus. Working out of offices in Boston, we are geographically dispersed, yet cognitively united. At the core, we are all stewards of your wealth plan and your absolute fiduciary. We are committed to RPg Family Wealth Advisory and its core values of customer service, honesty and excellence in all facets of the practice.

giving back

For many people, success offers the satisfaction of making a difference in the world. Whether that takes the form of presenting underprivileged children with meaningful potential, preserving an at-risk environment, funding a scholarship or supporting the arts, the benefits are often shared by recipients, the community, your family and others.

To help realize your own priorities, your RPg Advisor can help you identify and implement a strategy that supports the causes you care about while providing the financial planning strategies that may ultimately allow you to do even more.